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Carroll Coates lives and loves music – and lyrics. His Muse is ever present, waiting in the wings, gradually making him aware that he’s “hearing” a new melody in his head – then “stepping on stage” to help him expand on the original inspiration. Indeed, in interviews he has been reluctant to take credit for his talents, instead attributing his many musical creations as gifts from a very generous angelic benefactor.

​Carroll was born September 23, 1929, at his parent’s home in Uxbridge, just outside London, England. He was named after his godfather, the famous American band-leader and songwriter Carroll Gibbons (“Garden In The Rain”, etc.). As a young boy during World War II, he spent as much time as possible, between air-raids, listening to Gibbons’ BBC broadcasts and recordings. The young namesake soon found himself strongly drawn to the “standards” genre ...

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